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Anal sex was always special and forbidden, that’s why it is often so desirable. However, very often we get rejected by our wives, girlfriends, and lovers: one will say that it hurts, other – that it is disgusting… many women will trick you and come up with many excuses to avoid penetration through the back door. So, what are you going to do on your vacations in the United Arab Emirates if your lover doesn’t want to have anal sex? The best option is to request Anal escorts in Dubai.

For a very small price, a call girl that practices anal sex will give you unforgettable tactile sensations, which regular escorts can’t offer. Professionals know many different techniques to make anal sex very pleasing and arousing. On top of that, sex with prostitutes doesn’t involve any responsibilities or consequences: all the girls strictly obey the rules of safe sex and client privacy. On this website you will find hand-picked profiles with the beauties that practice anal sex, simplу make a call to arrange a meeting and enjoy a tight ass.

Price for anal sex in Dubai depends on the looks of a specific model, apartment location (Deira, Bur-Dubai) and many other factors. Usually the price ranges from 500 to 1000 aed on top. However, it is a good idea to clarify with the girl if this service is included in the price stated on the profile.

Health tips for first anal sex

If you decided to have anal sex, of course, you should take safety precautions by using a high-quality condom. It is better to use a thick condom because there is no natural lubrication in the intestine. On top of that, anal penetration requires more efforts than the usual one. It is important to keep this in mind when selected a condom; and, of course, you should choose a high-quality product from a trusted brand. In sex shops, you can find special condoms for anal sex. The most important thing is to select the product that fits your needs carefully. Don’t be afraid to experiment with newest offers – all of them are tested by experts and doctors before it is released into the market.

Don’t use vaseline or natural oil for anal sex: it provokes microholes in the latex, and different viruses and bacteria can get through. Special lubricant is the best option, you can find it in any sex shop, and in drug stores. Good lubricant not only deodorizes but also reduces unpleasant sensations for your partner. Dubai escorts who practice anal sex are usually equipped with high-quality lubricant.

After the intercourse, it is important to take a shower and to wash your penis with soap thoroughly, don’t forget about pubis and other parts. Moreover, it is a good idea to use miramistin or chlorhexidine after the intercourse. In that case, there are practically zero chances to get any STDs. You shouldn’t suppress your desires, but safety is always the most important thing – your and your partner’s safety.


We selected medium priced Dubai anal escorts, checked their profiles and uploaded them to the website to save the time for a gentleman who is looking for a pleasant time. Check them out, select a beauty that you desire and give us a call. Professionals and individuals available tonight are proud of their work and appreciate each client, they do their best to please the client, because the internet is full of reviews, and anyone can find out everything about a girl he picked for a visit.