Sara - Dubai Escort Stories

As far as her body goes, Sara is a 25 year old Dubai escort girl who is sexy and not afraid to show off her succulent breasts and tight ass. You could really see her as an escort girl. She also exhibits two different lifestyles depending on who is she around. If you were to ask her parents, Sara is a shy and conservative young lady who is focused on gaining knowledge. However, talking to her friends will quickly get you the real picture. She likes to live on the wild side, drinking and engaging in a bit of vice with guys who have big dicks and aren’t afraid to use them.

Sara has been fucked repeatedly by gangster dudes she has met during nights on the town. She loves those one night stands and can’t get enough of those throbbing cocks up her wet pussy. As she has aged, she continued to hang around the tough crowd. One of the sex acts that love is being forcefully fucked from behind. It helps that her tight ass is so inviting. Any guy with half a mind and a big dick will wait in line to get into the Indian ass that made for a great escort girl. As she is getting fucked, she will often tell the hunk to slap your juicy ass until the cum deep inside of her.

Let’s talk about Natalie. This is Sara’s best friend. They hung out repeatedly, even during the wildest years that Sara ever lived through. They would often meet up and find themselves being fucked at the same time by guys with the hardest and thickest cocks that you ever laid eyes on. They would scream in delight as these friends seem to cum together right at the exact moment that their guys would release their own man juice. They would love to look at each other during this moment of ecstasy as well. To make use of their talents, they mutually decided to apply to a local escort agency. Why not make some money while they were getting fucked. This is something they loved to do anyway. It was their desire to party heavily, get to know VIPs and get paid for it at the same time. Now, these were not your typical classy girls by nature. However, they were the hottest couple you have ever laid eyes on once they were dressed up. If you want an escort girl in Dubai, these are the chicks for you. They would cause even the most reserved of men to want to pounce on them and fuck their brains out as soon as they laid eyes on Natalie and Sara. It should be noted that Sara was the one who was never afraid to talk up any guy that they met as an escort girl. One time, she talked to a guy who was obviously in the upper echelons of society. He was a banker, love to party, and wanted Dubai escorts to join him on occasion. Working in the financial sector sold Sara and Natalie almost immediately. They each wanted to be his escort girl, so they approached him as a package duo. Given their tight asses and huge breasts, it is not surprising that he and his throbbing cock quickly agreed. As this relationship began, Sara would become jealous because it seems that clients would pay much more attention to Natalie than they did herself. There were times when Natalie would be taken out to dinner, forcing Sara to stay behind. Perhaps it was Natalie’s shy and reserved nature that turned these guy on even more.

Well, the escort business does not last forever. It would not be long before Sara and Natalie were forced to settle down with a normal career of their own. Natalie actually got married to Neal. Neal was an IT guy who was quite funny. He was also very hot. All of the chicks in the area love him. He probably had an escort girl or two on the side as well. But, in the end, Natalie was his girl. He would never leave her, which only served to make Sara even more envious. At the same time, Neal knew that Sara and Natalie were best friends. So, the three of them were always doing things together so that Sara and Natalie could hang out. He worked hard to make sure that Sara always felt welcome. Over time, Sara began to fantasize about having Jack for herself. She would imagine them naked with her tenderly massaging his cock and playing with nipples. His muscular body would be throbbing in sweat as she teased him. This fantasy was so real in her mind that she would rush out and thrust her vibrator deep inside her pussy as soon as she got home. Rubbing her pussy would get her own juices flowing. One night she got drunk and decided to call Jack herself. Jack actually sounded concerned because Sara did not sound like herself. Instead of just leaving her like that, Jack rushed over to check on her. In the end, the was all part of a scheme that Sara had worked up to get Jack alone with her. It was her goal to get that hard cock inside of her for real, not just in her dreams. She was no longer caring about what this would do to Natalie. She was lustful and wanted to be fucked by Jack and to feel good as a result. The doorbell ran and Jack was flabbergasted at what he saw when Sara answered the door.

Sara was standing there inside the doorframe in just about the sexiest pose that Jack had ever seen. Her breasts were oozing out of the bra, with each of them brushed with sweat that came with the tension of the situation. Jack immediately got rock hard. This was the escort girl he had dreamed about his entire life standing right in front of him. Forget about Sara’s time as one of the premier Dubai escorts. She was now available, with a wet pussy ready to abused by a cock that was harder than it had ever been in his life. Sara noticed how much he desired her at that moment, and Jack knew it as well. He entered that room knowing full well what was going to happen. To try to diffuse the situation, he talked to Sara and told her how concerned he was after the phone call. He knew damn well what was about to happen. Sara just walked over to him and grabbed his cock. He was trying to be the gentleman and not stare at the biggest breasts he had ever seen that was right in front of him for the taking. She would continue to take charge of the situation by sliding her fingers gently over his dick. If it was even possible, the cock continued to grow. She just had to have this inside of her. For his part, Jack could not help but start to groan. This just turned Sara on even more. She would start by getting his self off and then unbuttoning his jeans so that his cock could get some release.

Needless to say, that dick sprung out of his pants and was ready for action. She knelt down and took it deep in her mouth. She would lick and suck that dick like she never had before. He could no longer contain himself, moaning in ecstasy just turn them both on even more. They had to have each other. Her juicy lips and tongue would continue to work their magic on his cum sack, alternating between there and this cock. They would move deeper into the living room where she would mount him and expose her gigantic breasts right to his face. His cock would be guided right in between those breasts where he would begin fucking them like there was no tomorrow. That cock would end up back in her mouth where she would suck the tip just to tease him even more. They were so carried away together at this point that they did not notice Natalie letting herself into the house. She had also come to check on Sara, as she had a key for herself. She walked in, Needless to say, she was shocked shitless as what she saw. There was her best friend with her husband's cock right in her mouth. Sara did not seem to mind. She continued to devour that cock, look right into the eyes of her best friend. She would just stare at each other as Jack continued to groan in pleasure. She would deep throat him to the point of no return. Jack could not control any longer, exploding with long bursts of sticky cum right down his wife’s best friend’s throat. This was better than any escort girl in Dubai, and it was a night that would never forget. It was at this point that Jack finally came to his senses and noticed his wife standing there. The look on Natalie’s face said it all. Sara just stood there with Jack’s fresh cum still present all over her face. They had both betrayed Natalie, but the pleasure that they both felt at that moment was the stuff the legends are made of.