Amber - Dubai Escort Story

When a women puts their entire heart and should into a marriage for more than a decade, it is quite disheartening when a cheating husband brings it all crumbling down. That is exactly what Amber encounter when she discovered that the man she devoted her life to had be screwing other chics left and right behind her back. He even ended up having a heated affair with who she thought was her best friend. That was the last draw. The pain was simply too much. Instead of trying to look her best for her man, she began to let her regimented fitness routine go awry. She started to get a bit chunky. One night she had a class at the gym cancelled, so she decided to return home and prepare a nice meal for herself and her husband. Instead of finding a peaceful home, she was greeted be grunts and groans that could only mean one thing. Her husband was fucking her best friend just like she was an escort girl in Dubai. She discovered them in the most compromising of positions, right there in the living room. Her husband was really going at it. Amber didn’t know he could do the things with his dick that he was now doing with the woman that was going to be her former best friend. For her part, the friend was in pure ecstasy, with a humongous cock pleasuring her wet pussy. This is surely what Dubai escorts are good at, so perhaps that is something to think about. Amber was now emotionally spent. The shock was simply too overwhelming.

Needless to say, divorce followed not long after. The only silver lining was that the husband admitted his transgression, but nonetheless readily granted the separation. Now Amber found herself approaching a mid-life crisis, wondering if she could ever even love again, nonetheless find somebody to love and cherish her as she deserved. Perhaps she should become an escort girl like she had discovered her husband had taken a liking to. Amber discovered this one day when they were married because the idiot obviously didn’t know how to delete an Internet history. She discovered that an escort girl typically had huge breasts. Her husband like those big breasts, even though Amber did not have very big bonkers herself. Amber would end up saying ‘fuck this’. I am going to become the sluttiest Dubai escort girl that this city has ever seen.

Now that she was free, Amber began to display a wild side that she didn’t even know she had in her, just like Dubai escorts are known to do. She would frequently go out on the town with friends and end up fucking some guy that she never met. This is the life of an escort girl, or so she thought. Not one to be limiting in her sexual desire, she even had more than a few encounters with other hot women, discovering the lesbian sex was as hot as it appeared in the movies. Up until this point in her life, she had never consider eating out another pussy, but now discovered the sheer pleasure in doing so. She would end up going to lesbian hangouts with friends. After a bit of alcohol, this was not anything this escort girl would not do. One night, she quickly found herself dancing the night away with a lesbian couple. Before long they would end up as a happy threesome. Amber immediately realized how much she had been missing by being married to such a bastard for all those years.

So, this night was sure to be wild and a lot of fun. The couple that Amber had the good fortune of hooking up with maintained an open relationship. They loved to invited other hot women to join this for a night of sexual fun. Amber would end up going with them back to their gorgeous apartment. Music would start playing and the mood set. By now, Amber was already good and horny. With the music playing, this escort girl become a stripper almost instantaneously. Any of the Dubai call girls in the area would have been quite impressed. She quickly shed her clothes and did this number with her breasts that had the lesbian squealing in delight. That couple would end up getting quite turned on. All three of the women would end up together, shedding clothes left and right. Massage oil came out and everyone go nice and lathered up. The girls would treat Amber to an oil massage that she would never forget. With the panties off, Amber would repay the favor by eating out their pussies and kissing them deeper than the Grand Canyon floor. With her tongue buried in one of their pussies, her finger would explore the other. That turned both of them on and orgasm would start shooting off like a fireworks show on New Years Eve. Nice, sticky cum would explode and end up all over Amber. She loved it. Yes, this was definitely better than married life, so her fantasy of being an escort girl would morph into a stripper routine that ending up in a wild orgasm with lesbians. This is what makes life so exciting!