Karen - Dubai Escort Story

Karen glances at the clock on the wall one more time. One more hour to go before she can pack up her desk and leave her job for the weekend. Even more satisfying would be leaving her fat, boring, undeserving boss behind. Her mind wandered to the evening’s potential. Which bar – or should she say bars – would she go to tonight? She needed to get laid this weekend, she would get laid this weekend, it was just a question of where and with which lucky guy. Read further in our blog about escort girls in Dubai.

She sat back in her chair, deciding to kill the next ten minutes by doing nothing. She began to think about how much her boss didn’t deserve her. Her tight, petite body was wasted on him. He acted like he didn’t even notice her blond hair, her sparking blue eyes and her round, firm, high 34D breasts. Others in the office did. Fred in Accounting did. Just walking past her desk made him hard. More than once she thought she saw his pants bulge as he lingered, making up excuses to lean into her, brush her arm with his, smell her hair. More than once she was tempted to reach down and stroke him but was afraid, he would cream his pants on the spot. That would be messy in more ways than one.

No, her current boss didn’t appreciate her, not like Mr. Long, her previous boss at her old job. Now that was a man who appreciated her. He appreciated her twice weekly as he bent her over his big wooden desk, pounding her hard from behind, her skirt around her shoulders and her panties around her ankles.  Mr. Long was the reason she stopped wearing panties to work, they just got in the way. Thinking of him now caused her to get warm. She rubbed her legs together, encouraging the warmth to grow.

Karen remembered when she worked for Mr. Long. Like clockwork, at 2:00 twice a week, he had an ‘appointment’ and was not to be disturbed. His ‘appointment’ arrived promptly and although each time it was a different woman, they all looked the same; tall, dark complexion and black hair. Karen was no fool. She knew these women were high end escort girl in Dubai. They had that escort girl look. Expensive clothes, expensive hair styles, expensive perfume. 

Week by week Karen watched the parade of escort girls come and go. The lifestyle intrigued her, not that she wanted to be an escort girl, but she was always horny, and this would be a way to scratch that itch. One afternoon, while Mr. Long was occupied with his 2:00 she decided to investigate the lifestyle on the web. She typed in Dubai Escorts for a lark. S

Karen must have lost track of time. She was deep into the images of one of the escort girls when Mr. Long’s door burst open. He emerged from his office, escorting his ‘appointment’ to the door. Karen was caught off guard, frantically trying to close the website as Mr. Long walked past her desk. She wasn’t sure if she closed it in time, she hoped she did.

Later in the week, 2:00 came around and Karen was expecting Mr. Long’s ‘appointment’ to arrive any moment. Instead the intercom buzzed. 

‘Yes Mr. Long?’

‘Karen, can you come into my office please.”

Karen was a little confused. ‘But your appointment will be here any moment now.’

‘Karen,’ Mr. Strong’s voice was forceful, ‘please come into my office.’

Karen went into the office, standing in the doorway.

‘Don’t you have a 2 o’clock Mr. Long?’ 

Mr. Long got up from behind his desk and walked past her. As he passed, she smelled his strong musk, getting a little light-headed. He shut the door and turned back to Karen. ‘You’re my 2 o’clock,’ he said.

Karen got moist hearing this. She smiled.

‘You saw the website,’ she said.

‘I did.’ He stepped to her, drawing her close. She could feel his erection inside his pants, and she wanted it. She quickly fell to her knees, her fingers unzipping him and pulling out his hard shaft all in one motion, in seconds she engulfed him with her lips, taking him deep, deep, as deep as she could. He was big and she gagged on his hard penis, spittle dripping down her chin and onto her ample, heaving breasts. She played with his balls as he matched her rhythm with his hips, back and forth, deep and wet. His warm wad exploded against the back of her throat, surprising her. She swallowed every drop.

Afterwards, twice a week at 2:00, Karen had an appointment with Mr. Long. He took her any way he wanted, and she didn’t mind. Most times she was under the desk, sucking and licking his cock as he reclined in his desk chair. Sometimes the phone would ring, and he would answer it. Karen loved this game. She slurped and sucked and dribbled all over his crotch as he conducted business on the phone. She would try to make him cum at these times, often pulling out her breasts to try and put him over the top, stroking his dick between the cleavage of her 34D’s, licking the tip with each upward thrust. Once he even conducted a job interview with her face buried deep in her crotch. She quietly slid Mr. Long’s penis deep down her throat, back and forth, quiet and deep. The interview was brief as Mr. Long’s legs shudder under the desk. He dismissed the candidate with the promise of a second interview. 

Karen began looking forward to her ‘appointments’ with Mr. Long, so much so that by 1:45 instinctively she became aroused, little droplets of pussy juices wetting the inside of her thighs. By the time she made it into his office she was dripping wet, begging for Mr. Long to finger her before she dropped to her knees to engulf his penis with her lips.

 It was a shame all this had to end, but when the wife comes in and catches you with one hand on her husband’s penis and another rubbing your clit, that’s not a good sign. It didn’t help matters that just as the door swung open and Mrs. Long came in the office he was spurting his jizz all over her large, firm breast, her red nipples hard and long. Karen was cumming herself, wave after wave of pussy juice flowing over her fingers, dripping down onto the carpet. Karen thought that the timing was both perfect and tragic at the same time, the tragic part being that she knew that she wouldn’t be reporting to work tomorrow, or ever again for that matter.

Sitting at her desk, remembering Mr. Long was getting Karen worked up. She reached down between her legs to feel her panties were soaked through. She looked at the clock again – 4:30. Could she, would she? She opened the bottom drawer of her desk, grabbed her purse and headed for the washroom. A quick look around told her no one else was there. She rushed into a cubicle and threw down the seat lid. Within an instant she slipped off her panties and pulled out the mini vibrator she was never without. The quiet, vibrating heads of the toy danced on her clit as she silently moaned her pleasure. She closed her eyes and thought about that 6-foot-tall Italian stud that whistled at her each morning as she passed by his construction site. The image of this strong, muscled man and the gentle whirr of the mini vibrator pushed Karen closer and closer to the edge. She squirmed atop the toilet seat, bracing herself with her arms and legs against the sides of the cubicle to prevent herself from falling. She moaned louder, no longer caring who heard, her juices flowing and her body shivering, an orgasmic wave burst over her. She squirted as she came, her whole-body shivering and shuddering. She kept the mini vibrator pressed hard against her clit as she continued to cum in waves. 

Karen sat in the cubicle a little while longer, trying to catch her breath. She licked the end of the mini vibrator, tasting her own juices, before wrapping it in tissue and tucking it back in her purse. She reached for the panties that were on the floor. They were soaked through and ripped. As she emerged from the stall, she tossed her panties into the garbage bin. She looked at her watch. 5:00 – time to go.

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Karen’s route home took her past the building site where the Italian hunk worked, the one who she fantasized about while cumming in the washroom. Karen wondered what it would be like to have him between her legs, thrusting inside her. Would she cum just has hard? There was only one way to find out.

Karen walked quickly until she was standing outside the work site. She scanned the area for her man, instantly finding him. Turning the tables, she put her fingers in her mouth and whistled. The Italian stud heard her, turned and looked right at her. His steely, masculine gaze landed on her and she felt a dribble between her legs. She gestured for him to come over to her. He did so without hesitation. He stopped in front of her, so close she could smell the sweat and musk coming off him. She stepped into him.

‘I’m Luca,’ he said.

‘Luca, I want you,’ she breathed into his lips, ‘now’.

Without a word, Luca grabbed her by the wrist and led her away from the street into the construction site. His grip was firm and strong, hurting her a little, but she didn’t mind. She expected to be treated rough by a guy like Luca. She wanted to be treated rough by a guy like Luca.

Before she knew it, they were deep inside the half-constructed building, standing in front of a trailer, Luca jingling the keys at his waist, unlocking the door. He yanked on her arm and she stumbled, following him inside. It was an empty, dusty construction office, furnished with a desk and a few chairs, nothing more. On the desk were blue-prints and a few tools. In one gesture Luca swept the desk clear with his free arm, swinging Karen around with the other, pushing on her back, bending her over the desk. 

As she lay face down in the dust and dirt on top of the desk, she could hear the jingle of Luca’s belt as he undid his pants. He threw up her skirt, her naked ass and wet pussy exposed, glistening in what little light came through the small trailer windows. Luca released himself, his penis falling heavy against her ass cheeks. 

‘My god’ she breathed, ‘you’re huge.’ 

Luca’s penis was large. As he slid his penis into her, Karen gasped. It was the largest penis she ever had. Even though she was already wet from her orgasm at work, Luca’s penis still hurt a little as he entered her. She liked it. He grabbed her by the hips, and she pushed back to meet him. 

He growled and she moaned. They quickly found a rhythm, picking up speed. The pleasure and pain of Luca’s 9-inch cock pounding away at her.

‘Harder,’ she moaned, and then yelled, ‘harder!’

Luca obliged, pounding her wet, stinging pussy harder and harder. He was thrusting so hard the desk began to move across the floor. That didn’t matter, he pounded her harder and harder, grabbing her by the wrist, pulling her back into him. She bucked as he thrust. Her nipples rubbed against the desk, growing tiny and hard while her pussy began to flood with juices. 

‘Pump me,’ she cried, ‘pump my pussy harder. Harder!’

Luca slammed her deeper, harder. For the second time this afternoon, Karen squirted in orgasm, soaking Luca’s large penis and belly with her warm, wet cum. The warmth of Karen’s orgasm was too much for Luca. He quickly pulled out of her, blowing his load all over her glistening, firm ass.

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Spent, both Luca and Karen fell back, lying on the desk. As Karen lay, eyes closed, enjoying the tiny ripples of her orgasm, all she could think was how much hotter this summer afternoon just became.