Svetlana - Dubai Escort Story

When it comes to having a hunger for sex. Svetlana takes the cake. Working in a man’s world, this is one escort girl who has had her fair share of bosses fucking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. In fact, Svetlana love using her naturally good looks to arouse the men in the office. She would show up to work in clothes that were the most revealing that she could find. Svetlana had a great time watching the men around her get boners like they were teenagers in a sex ed course. There was nothing that they could do to hide there rock hard cocks. Eventually, she would move away from the center of Dubai into a less popular area. Dubai escorts really know how to work in this area. Once she moved, she stopped working in the office environment and decided to get her sexual kicks in other ways. Svetlana became an call girl in Dubai and was very good at it. See was hot and everyone who had the good fortune of hiring knew her knew that the minute they laid eyes on her. She was an escort girl who became quite known for her wild side, yet she was also rather charming. Because she was so good at what she did, she had the money to acquire anything she wanted when she went shopping. Through that, she discovered the joy of taking photos. She would also love going to sex parties that had the biggest names from the city. Local escorts would be there in droves, but Svetlana often took over the show. Because the was addicted to sex, she was always looking for something new to get her off. This is where her newfound love of taking photographs would come in handy. Her mouth was quite known in the escort girl circles for giving the best oral sex and guy had ever had. The bigger the cock, the better for Svetlana. As soon as she had gobbled that dick up to the point that cum came flying out, she would take a picture and add it to her collection. The more cum that was dripping from the dick, the better the visual effect!

Another weekend rolled around and, Svetlana was eager to paint the town red. She knew that there would be a lot of social influencers out and about at the bars, and she wanted to be right there with them ready to seduce hunks with her big tits and juicy red lips. She decided to wear her most revealing dress, as she was really horny and was ready to have raunchy sex once again. The lingerie that she put on almost made Svetlana cum all over herself, she was looking that good. From the moment she arrived at the first bar, you could feel the sexual tension in the air. The guys in the room were mesmerized by her, so she knew it would not be long before this escort girl had a guy to be sucking on. To be fair, there were other escorts hitting it up at the bar that night as well, but none of them really held a candle to Svetlana. They guys there might have thought she was an innocent girl, but little did they knew that she had clients were a virtual treasure trove of important people in the city and beyond. The best part was that she, as the professional Dubai escort that she was, did not even have to order a drink. A hunky Russian took care of that for her by getting a bottle of the good stuff ready for them to both guzzle down. The guy was nice and become loose-lipped the more he drank. Svetlana eventually grabbed him by the hand and lead him away. All of the other guys in the room understandably were jealous beyond belief.

She had a secret place in this bar where she knew that nobody would both them. This was going to be the stuff that her photos were known for. She immediately deep kissed this guy and whatever inhibitions he had were left at the door. This was an escort girl that he had been dreaming of for years. It would not take long before her fingers worked their ways down to his pants. She had them off in no time, He was rather impressed, and his cock sprung to life. She rewarded him with the ability to handle her big breasts as the plopped in front of his face. Once those formalities were out of the way, this escort girl went down and took that cock deep in her mouth just like the wild girl that she was known for. Her lips were warm and succulent. He was literally in heaven, moaning so loudly that it would have been impossible for others in the bar to know have heard even with the pulsating music. This cock was huge, but she devoured it all. She knew when he was at the point of no return. That is when she got her mouth off the cock and allowed him to spurt his juice all over her mouth and elsewhere in the room. This was a great deal of cum and she was taken aback by it. She loved it. Being the gentlewoman that she was, she asked permission to take a picture of that cock, still oozing with cum, so that she could add it to her portfolio. He readily agreed and that was the last he ever saw of her. She was off to find another conquest.