Mel - Dubai Escort Story

In the few years Mel, a curvaceous blond, worked as a high-class call girl, she managed to make quite a name for herself within the Dubai escorts scene. She was naturally beautiful, with dazzling smile and striking figure, and her affluent clientele couldn’t get enough of her. As an escort girl Mel was busy, but it was a kind of job most people would think of as a luxurious vacation. As a sought-after escort girl in Dubai she was most often to be found sipping champagne at the private terrace of a boutique hotel  in the company of a wealthy traveller, or flaunting her curves in tiny black bikini around crystal roof-top pool, entertaining high-ranking businessman. She often graced clients’ tables at sumptuous restaurants, sampling gourmet dishes, while her companions feasted their eyes on her pretty face and the sight of her mouth-watering double Ds barely concealed by expensive thin dress.

Mel adored everything about her escort girl career – the earnings, the travelling, the luxury lifestyle, but after some time she felt it was time to find a new challenge. She wanted to draw on her experience of visiting so many beautifully decorated places while travelling as escort girl. She also has developed great network of connections during her job inside the glamorous world of  escort girls.  So she decided leave her work as one of the most successful Dubai escorts and to try her hand at interior design.  She immersed herself in the new pursuit and before long found her first client – a gorgeous guy called Graham.

Graham has made his fortune as a male porn star. His impressive physique and sizzling screen presence have earned him plenty of admirers and impressive bank balance. He has invested in the purchase of an opulent apartment and wanted Mel to take care of the interior. They met to discuss the design. Looking at Graham’s strong taut body Mel felt an instant flash of desire. She could feel his eyes exploring her too, but they both kept the encounter professional. The former escort girl now focused on her new project and soon Graham’s apartment was fitted with sumptuous new interior. The last piece of furniture to complete the setting was a Bauhaus sofa. Graham was a great admirer of the brand, and Mel did her best to source the right piece for his flat – a lavish couch, soft and velvety-pastel like the rest of the furnishings. Graham was thrilled with the results and when the work was successfully completed, he invited Mel to dinner at his flat.

Mel arrived looking fresh and sexy in a low-cut top. A tight skirt clung enticingly to her thighs and ass, outlining her perfect shape. Graham’s greedy gaze was fixed on her. He poured champagne, and as they drank, talked and listened to music, Mel was feeling a hot wave of yearning rising inside her every time her eyes met Graham’s stare. Suddenly she knocked the almost full bottle of champagne which spilled all over Graham, soaking his crotch. Mel was mortified. Graham’s trousers were expensive, like all his possessions. She hoped she’d not ruined them, she said, apologising abundantly for her clumsiness.  The embarrassment made her blush more, adding rosy glow to her golden skin. Her eyes shined in embarrassment, but also in excitement. Graham was not at all cross and laughed. He took his trousers off and now that he was in his tight shots, Mel could fully appreciate why he was one of the best in his business. His 9-inhc cock was straining the fabric with magnificent force and Mel could not stop herself any longer. She placed her hand gently on the bulge and then traced its contours with her lips, drinking it the drops of champagne taste mixed in with Graham’s scent. She pulled Graham’s dick fully out, taking all its pulsating weight in her mouth and skimming mouthfuls of taste with her quick, expert tongue. Graham groaned in pleasure. Now Mel was in her element. She had a lot of experience as a call girl in Dubai,  and it became clear that while she might have been a bit awkward around the table, she was a deft hand in caressing. Graham felt his cock throbbing under the flicks of her tongue and the touch of her skilful fingers. He lied back, sprawling into the luxurious sofa - now a soft bouncy backdrop for their passion.

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Mel was breathless from desire; she slipped out of her thong and straddled Graham. She lowered herself slowly onto him, taking him deeper with every slight move until he was fully inside her. Her juicy tits swung when she started riding him, moving her thigs so skilfully, Graham soon felt he reached deep the creamy core inside her. He was close now and Mel kneel next to him, rubbing and flicking her tongue all over the engorged dick. It didn’t take long. Shuddering in pleasure Graham started emptying his load in Mel’s gratefully opened mouth, covering her pretty face and even splashing some on the coveted sofa, as if to mark its first use in celebration of Mel’s success as a designer.